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Shawn Taylor | Biography

Shawn Taylor hails predominately from the northwest, being born in Boise, Idaho, raised in Montana, and moving to wherever ambition and fate led him. His art career began early at the age of three while trying to entertain his peers and teachers with political cartooning. Unfortunately, the mindset of a three year old holds little of value to the political community at large. As the years passed, his love for the entertainment industry blossomed, and eventually led him into working on video games. Starting at Namco, and moving on to Eidos, Shawn then went with multiple independent companies before venturing into comic books and movies.

At the ripe age of 27, Shawn started work in the field of Role Playing games with a company by the name of Mad Hermit Games, and had worked with them for over 10 years, being published in their series of books named Cold Steel Reign. After moving to the Phoenix area, he met up with the great minds behind Hitman Entertainment Studios, and began what promises to be a rewarding field in the art of storyboarding. Drama has always been a focus of this enthusiastic artist, and after working on Cold Steel Reign, the move to a mobsteresque setting seemed inevitable.

Phoenix, Arizona has been nothing but wonderful for the time that he has been here, and it looks to be sure that his career with Hitman Entertainment Studios will be a great opportunity to work for a lifetime!