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Film Synopsis:

Legend OF A Hitman, is centered around Alex. While he was still a boy his mother fell gravely ill and passes away. Overcome with grief from the loss, he ran away and struggled to stay alive on the streets.

Years later, Frank Mariani, a big time mobster, discovers Alex stealing food and sees potential in the lost boy. Using Alex’s natural talents, Frank teaches him to become one of the best men on his hit squad and uses him to collect unpaid debts. Now a man, Alex surprises Frank and surpasses all his expectations, become a very profitable, and lethal, assassin.

Frank eventually convinces Alex that they are related, due to an arrangement Frank and Alex’s mother had years ago to put food on the table. Alex meets Cecilia Castiliano and things seem to be turning up as the two fall in love. With a beautiful girl to love and a fatherly figure to guide him, Alex feels happy for the first time in a hard life.

The peace does not last forever however, and tensions reach a boiling point when Frank sends Alex to kill Castiliano, Cecilia’s father, after their business relations go south. Alex struggles with what to do until he discovers that Frank is not related to him at all, at which point Alex turns against the man who took him in. Trying to protect the woman he loves and her father, Alex must face an enraged Frank Mariani who will now stop at nothing to kill them all. Now on the run, Alex will have to face some of the best hitmen in the business or die trying to protect those who are important to him.

Legend Of A Hitman Film Script:

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